The difference between letting a pulp mill harvest your woodlot and letting us, a smaller company, harvest is: We can adjust our cutting methods to your standards, we are more approachable and we care about keeping our landowners satisfied.


It only takes one call or e-mail to have one of our technicians visit your woodlot or construction site to provide you with an estimate.

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Forest Harvesting

We can do a variety of different forest harvest styles.

Different Style Harvests:

Shelterwood Cut: Designed to remove 40-50% of the forest canopy. This removes mature and overmature timber, yet leaves the forest floor cool enough to support new tree growth. This aids in seedling growth as it casts more shade onto competing plant species. This is not the most profitable harvest but it is one of the best for the environment.

Selection Cut: Designed to remove a certain proportion of a forest. This cut typically removes only the mature or overmature species of trees. This aids in the reduction of insect and disease damage.

Selective Cut: Designed to pick and choose which trees to keep and which trees to leave behind. Usually up to the owners discretion but often left to the cutter.

Clear Cut: The almost complete removal all merchantable timber from a forest. Wildlife clumps are left to provide habitat for animals. This is the most profitable cut.


Work Samples:

The following picture is one of our clear cut harvests. Please note the wildlife clump is representative of what the surrounding forest was. Our wildlife clumps and corridors provide shade for animals, hiding spots from predators, and food. Competitors' wildlife clumps usually consist of dead trees and leave little to no cover for animals.

We also reduce the amount of soil compaction and ruts left behind by using flotation tires and by having an eye for what future forests may look like.

The picture below depicts sorted piles of pulp wood, stud wood and firewood. Our operators sort piles as they work to save time and make the most out of your timber.


The following picture is of a selective cut in which the processor operator left all hardwood trees behind.


We have the right equipment to harvest your forests.

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