With over 25 years in forestry, we have experience placing our customers first.


It only takes one call or e-mail to have one of our technicians visit your woodlot or construction site to provide you with an estimate.

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C.D. Blue Forestry


Contact us for harvesting and our professional forestry personnel will determine what we can offer for your timber at no cost to you.

Our harvesting agreements include walking your woodlot, determining the amount of merchantable wood present, creating forest inventory maps, creating land maps, harvest design plan, and your estimated return from the wood sale.

We know soil erosion is unsightly and can negatively impact the land. To prevent and reduce rutting, all of our equipment is equipped with low impact tires and tracks. Our crew has also been trained in harvesting wood to prevent damage to the soil in sustainable methods. Our forestry crew is also trained and follows the forestry Best Management Practices codes.

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