Aside from selling your wood to the mills, it can also be sold for firewood too! Of course, we also sell firewood ourselves.


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Types Of Wood Products

There are many products that merchantable wood can be made and sold as.

These products include: Studwood, Plywood, Paper, Firewood and Biomass.

This page is intended to show the products that wood can be turned into. 



This is a pile of softwood trees that will go to a sawmill to produce studwood such as 2x4's, 4x4's, etc.

This is what that pile looks like after it has been processed by the sawmill.



Pulpwood is comprised of logs that are smaller than four inches in diameter or cannot be made into sawlogs due to quality reasons.

Here is one of our pulpwood piles.

And these are the products pulpwood can make.



This term can be decieving for some but, for use in Nova Scotia, Biomass is parts of the tree trunk that cannot be used for pulp or stud wood. They can be crooked, dead, charred, windblown or have insect damage. This wood is used to heat a boiler and produce electricity for a wood mill or to be fed into the power grid.

Biomass IS NOT branches, leaves, crowns or roots.

This is a Biomass pile:

Notice that the logs do not rest flush on top of each other. These logs are crooked, charred, have insect damage or have been dead for a long time. Up until now, these logs would not bring the landowner money but now, the landowner can sell these logs to the mills too.


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