With our expertise and equipment, we build and design roads, driveways, dig basements, install waterlines, sewer lines, drainage systems, excavating of all types and we supply various types of aggregate materials including sand. We are also an approved installer of all types of septic systems. Just bring your plans to us and we will look after the rest!

Our Equipment

We have all the machinery it takes to complete the project you want.

Road Construction

We build and design roads for all purposes, complete with culvert installations, proper drainage and gravel materials. We build driveways, wood roads, subdivision roads, and roads to suit your needs.


As short as 20 feet to over a kilometer in length, we can build a driveway to suit your needs. Perfect for your house, cottage, or even a pad for your RV!

We can clear, grade, gravel and create driveways of all lengths. We can also arrange for cement or paving too!


We install culverts, french drains and can design a drainage system that suits your needs. Help keep water from entering your house, flooding your property and from disturbing your roads by letting us take care of your drainage needs!

We can deliver and spread top soil for projects of all sizes and demands.

Septic System Installation

We now offer complete septic system installations! We not only dig and install your system, but we can cover and landscape it too!

C.D. Blue Forestry is an approved Nova Scotia Septic Installer and member of Waste Water Nova Scotia

1785 Highway 105
Queensville, Nova Scotia
B9A 1R9

Tel: 902-625-0444

Located just outside of Port Hawkesbury, we are central to Northern Nova Scotia. Give us a call and see what we can do for you. We are your one stop for all of your land and property needs.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please look around and view our photos. If you see anything that you like or, if you have an idea, give us a call and we can provide you with a free estimate.

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